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Bead Mill for Pharmaceutical Industry: Currently providing technical consultancy for the development of a novel bead mill design for use in the pharmaceutical industry, including calculation of shaft characteristics, critical speeds and vibration analysis of the support structure using finite element methods.


Primary Flight Control for Lift Fan : Contracted to Rolls-Royce, working on the novel design of the primary flight control mechanism for the lift fan of the Joint Strike Fighter (VTOL). Components analysed include the inner ring, variable incidence guide vane, levers, unison ring and actuator mounting as well as some analysis of the front strutted casing. The analyses carried out include fatigue and damage tolerance calculations required to validate the design for manufacture.

copyright Rollys-Royce

AGR Nuclear Reactor Cores: Constructed a complete model of the whole graphite core, including radiation effects, for British Energy. This complex model was validated against existing data and found to be accurate. Also carried out a six month independent assessment study for the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (HSE) into the effects of frictional forces on the static and dynamic (seismic) behaviour of AGR reactor cores by examining the interactions between the graphite blocks composing the core structure.

copyright British Energy

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