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Fast Reactor Structures: Calculation of the shakedown and ratchetting boundaries (safe plastic loading boundary) for combinations thermal and mechanical loading. The cases correspond to known scenarios within the operation of fast breeder reactors, which are liquid sodium cooled. This work gives expertise into the effects of severe thermal loading on structures.

Bolted Joints
: Development of generic design rules for bolted joints in gas turbines for both rotating and static components for proof, ultimate and fatigue loading cases as well as blade off impact criteria. These rules were then incorporated into software to be used in the design environment within Rolls-Royce.

Railway Rolling Stock: Finite element modelling of seating and seat rails in a passenger compartment as well as other structures integral to the carriage design. Detailed finite element assessment of the mechanism of an automatic spring loaded emergency escape door to improve operational performance.

Gas Transmission Pipeline: The elastic-plastic analysis of Tee-Joints in high-pressure gas transmission pipes by inelastic finite element analysis. This assessment was to establish the safe load margin when the gas pipeline pressure was significantly increased to increase transmission rates.

Chemical Process Tower: Structural finite element analysis of the tower subject to localized corrosion by the internal flows of hot chemicals. The effects of additional severe wind loading of the tower were assessed, as well as the structures own dead weight.

Independent Assessment: Cases ranging from the structural integrity of boiler beams in nuclear reactors to personal injury caused by a letterbox.

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